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Individual Rebalancing Sessions

Lisa will align you with your true essence and who you were meant to be.  With the help of her guides Lisa channels healing energies that will be in resonance with your Divine blueprint and your individual rebalancing needs.  Many different energies and frequencies are used in every session.  Joy is our Divine birthright sometimes we need to clear the negativity out in order to see the clarity of magic all around us. Our bodies are like rechargeable batteries using the Earth and the Universe to recharge.  The Earth helps us to heal and give us everything we need to survive, and works with the Universe to connect to a spiritual energy that keeps our bodies moving on a daily basis.  We have a constant flow of energy from our feet to our minds.  Humans are, the core, actually vibrating in unique electromagnetic waves.  All physical health problems, emotional disturbances, and financial issues are related to energy blocks or imbalances.  The majority of people are experiencing major stressors in life due to a demanding lifestyle.  This causes disruptions in the body and can lead to physical problems like insomnia and mood swings.  More people are beginning to understand that they see positive changes by focusing on the healing of the body’s energy.

Natural healers believe that all health issues start on an energetic level with a stressor that can block the flow of energy.  Emotional and mental stressors are huge blocks to our personal growth and development.  This block can work its way. Into the body and cause disturbances, which can lead to major health issues.  With the help of energy healing, these energy levels can be cleared allowing us to reach our full potential to lead a happier, healthier life with more positivity and strength.


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